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last updated January 14, 2021 by Sheila Schmutz, Saskatoon.

In choosing to call this group a collective, this explanation was used: "A collective of mutually independent individuals with separate goals who are brought together by common interests and experience. Even though everyone shares information and resources with other members, each member is responsible for their own work." Collective also seems a common name for groups of artists.

The initial members of the Artisanal Fur Collective of Canada hail from the Yukon to Nova Scotia. From East to West:

Kenomee Leather Creations is the name chosen by Diane Giroux for her works made with natural fur and leather. She is from Economy, Nova Scotia. Diane sells at craft/artisan fairs in her area. She will also accept custom orders. E-mail her with your request. At this time, she does not have a website.

Our member in Nunavut is Rannva Simonsen who creates under the label Rannva. She often uses sealskin and makes parkas, as well as a wide range of accessories. E-mail her to place an order.

Katie Ball designs fur garments under the label Silver Creek Creations. She lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario and helps on her father's trapline, in addition to sewing with natural wild fur. Katie is happy to work with you on a design to fulfill your dream. E-mail her.

Paula Lishman developed a new method for using fur. She focuses on beaver which is cut into narrow strips, twisted and then knitted. This wonderful technique creates a garment with fur on both sides! She designs in her studio near Port Perry, Ontario. Paula exhibits at several artisan shows in Canada and has influenced fur fashion around the globe. Visit her website to learn more. For more information, please email

Sonja Fijn creates wearable art garments from her studio in Toronto, Ontario. E-mail her to learn more about her designs with fur.

Marcy Friesen creates wild fur hats and gauntlets, and fur trimmed moccassins and mukluks under the label Trapline Creations. She lives in Carrot River, Saskatchewan. Marcy no longer does custom work, but announces new available pieces on her Facebook page. She often adds beadwork, a reflection of her heritage. E-mail her

to discuss purchase of her art pieces, that usually include beadwork and fur.

Mossy Bee Fine Leatherwork is the label used by Marcy Bast of Regina, Saskatchewan. She often uses unusual fur pelts and does some tanning herself. She has an online shop. E-mail her.

Wear Our Heritage Michelle Thevenot is an Artist, Chainsaw Carver, and Fur Designer . She lives in Osler, SK. (PO Box 472, Osler, SK S0K 3A0, Canada)

Michelle will do custom work, by prior arrangement. You are welcome to contact her byEmail or phone 1-306-270-7882. She will also re-fashion or alter fur garments you own. Visit her Etsy shop, MTArtworks, to purchase some of her items.

Sheila Schmutz creates fur-trimmed wool garments under the label Wear Our Heritage. She lives in the country near Saskatoon, with her husband Joe Schmutz who collaborates on design. Sheila makes fur-trimmed hats, wool capes with detachable fur collars and fur neckpieces for sale at craft/artisan shows in Saskatchewan. Although Sheila does not do custom work, you are welcome to E-mail her with questions or comments. Several of her items are available online, and her capes are carried by Rumour Handcraft Gallery in the Regina airport.

Aurora Heat is the brand name chosen by Brenda Dragon for her beaver fur handwarmers. Brenda lives in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. Her hand warmers are now sold in select Hudson Bay stores. She is designing new products also.

Mossy Bee Fine Leatherwork is the label used by Marcy Bast of Regina, Saskatchewan. She Creates uniquely original fur and leather mitts and accessory pieces, using ethically-sourced furs in support of Canadian trapping and subsistence harvesters, and chemical-free leathers and organic/recycled materials. Meticulous hand stitching and craftsmanship create sustainable, beautiful, and long lasting legacy pieces. Custom orders accepted. E-mail her.

Lisa Preto creates fur accessories under the label Minus 40 Fur. She lives in Haines Junction, Yukon where she works a trapline with her husband. Lisa makes beautiful fur ruffs for parka hoods, in addition to other items. She will do custom work. E-mail her.


Communication Strategy

Posts and Emails

In an effort to maintain privacy and protect any designs shared among members in photos, or videos, or pdf files it was decided to initially choose Whaller as the communication interface. Facebook may be much more familiar to most people but all content posted on Facebook becomes the property of its owners and they can re-use it in any form.

Whaller is run out of France and therefore the default language is French, but you can easily change your preferred language to English on your Account settings page.

You are encouraged to post a biography about your work with fur. If you like you may add a photo of yourself or something you made to your personal profile. If you have a website, please include it. This will allow other members to get to know the type of work you create.

Members can see the list of other members and will be able to email the entire group or an individual. They can also add videos, photos, documents (ideally as .pdf), etc.

Resource Pages

Members who want to create a how-to document or a resource page such as a list of suppliers may post these on their own website and announce them to their fellow artisan members via Whaller, including a URL or link to that page.

It may become possible for members to ask for a pdf document to be added to a Collective webpage, that will not be "public" but is password protected for Artisan Member viewing only.

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