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The W Litter - April 26, 2009

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Sunnynook's Willet and her littermates were whelped on April 25, 2009. Her parents were Sunnynook's Pika and Aron von Grinzing. She is retrieving a Ruffed Grouse shot in northern Saskatchewan in December 2011. She is now living in Watrous, SK.

Pika gave birth to 7 healthy pups on Sunday, April 26. There were 6 males and 1 female. Winchester "Chester" is shown above at 11 weeks, pointing a wing (dangling from the orange string).

The pups suddenly become little dogs and trying to walk on wobbly legs, as shown by Winchester in the photo above taken May 21. The first woofs are coming too.

Wyatt is shown playing with a sock outside the kennel building. Whisky-Jack is shown at the right, saying hi to his cousin Veery.

The toys came out on Sunday, May 24 for the first time. The black "seal" was the clear winner. They weren't quite sure what to do with the others yet. Wind at the left and Waldo at the right.

The tussles have begun! Willet is tackling her brother Whiskey Jack, and Winchester is trying to climbing over Wyatt.

At the right, Wingshot is after the purple floppy toy.

By 7 weeks, they're little dogs now and are exploring the place whenever they have the chance. The rock bed adjacent to the screen porch was a favorite nap spot this weekend. Winchester is shown there posing for Shayne's camera as Wyatt and Waldo were leaving for BC.

We were so pleased with the U litter that we repeated that mating in 2009. Pika and Aron received a Breeder's award for the U litter. See comments from some of the U pup owners on the Pups Afield page.

Pika and Aron celebrated Valentine's Day a little over a week late. Pups were expected on April 27, 2009.

Sunnynook's Pika, a current Sunnynook Dam

Pika received 106 points in Natural Ability and a Prize II. She received 169 points in Utility and a Prize III. Her hips were rated excellent. She has a very pleasant personality around the house, but a keen hunter in the field. She has had 2 litters previously - T & U. Pika will turn 8 in December. Her hips and elbows were just re-radiographed and both are still fine!

Pika and Aron received a LMCNA Progeny Performance Award for their previous litter together.

Pika shows her work from the point through the retrieve during a hun hunt in southern Saskatchewan. Pika is shown retrieving a duck on the U litter page, illustrating she is adept in the field and in water.

Based on the recently discovered DNA test for Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia, Pika was diagnosed as a carrier. Therefore, we have selected a sire from among those dogs tested free of this disorder. All pups in this litter will be tested prior to delivery to their owners so that they know who is a carrier and who is not.

Although Pika's dam Grackle carried brown, Pika did not inherit this according to DNA testing and so can not pass this on.

The sire chosen for this litter is again Aron von Grinzing, because we were pleased with the U litter. We also think he is a good match for Pika and try to use males with upper level testing.

Aron formerly lived at Snowy Oaks Kennel in Minnesota with Curt and Romy Shreve, although he was born in Austria. He recently moved to Cariboo Kennel n British Columbia with Gerhard and Martina Loeffeler.

He earned 68 of 84 points in the VJP test, 193 of 216 points in the HZP, and 278 of 324 points (Prize II) in the VGP in Germany. His hips were rated A in Berlin. Since coming to America he has sired some litters, such as the F2 litter at the Snowy Oaks Kennel and the A litter at the Thunderidge Kennel. He (right) is shown with Pika (left) during a break in a hunting trip to North Dakota in 2007.

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