Wear Our Heritage Collection of Fur Trimmed Accessories

last updated November 6, 2017 by Sheila Schmutz, Saskatoon. sheila.schmutz@usask.ca

Wear Our Heritage Collection

Most of the accessories and clothing (capes and vests) that I make are currently available only at craft fairs in Saskatchewan. (See a list on the homepage.) The 2017 fall craft fair season is just beginning. Before long, the cold season will set in and people will have a chance to enjoy the warmth of natural fur.

If size is not an issue, I'd be happy to try to mail prepaid items within Canada. There are trade restrictions imposed by some countries in regard to some types of fur and that is why I suggest that shipping is only within Canada, at this time.

Sheila entered three fur trimmed items at the Saskatchewan Art Showcase of the Saskatoon Exhibition in August 2016, in the "sewing" category. The theme was "Mother Earth" and so she entered items in shades of brown that were trimmed with fur from animals that have burrows or dens in the ground. The hat on the left was taupe brown wool trimmed in coyote. It won 2nd place and a Special Award from Century Textiles, Saskatoon. The dark brown wool cape has a detachable fox fur collar. It won 3rd place. The dark brown wool vest is trimmed with a chevron of badger fur above and skunk fur below, edged in cream wool melton. It received Honorable Mention.


Circle capes are essentially sizeless, although some small women find them too long. The capes shown here are made of winter weight wool melton, although sometimes lighter weight wool capes are also available.

The fur collars are detachable, via snaps. Being able to easily remove the collar allows it to be attached to another garment, and for the cape to be easily dry cleaned, or perhaps hand washed. The camel cape (right) has a coyote fur collar. The dark cape on the left has a collar that is "leathered", of silver fox fur. This technique involves strips of leather sewn between the strips of fur, creating a corduroy look.

The cape on the left dark brown wool melton. The collar is raccoon.

The cranberry cape on the right is a circle cape in wine wool melton. The collar is beaver, dyed black.


Hats must fit properly and so are only sold at craft fairs. Most of the hats shown in these photos on the happy models have been sold! But other hats are always available, in several sizes, including the examples at the left.

Fur trimmed wool melton hats come in many styles,sizes, colors, and types of natural fur. All are lined with kasha (cotton flannel backed satin). Most fit low on the head and completely or partially cover the ears, at least when the flaps are down. Some may appeal more to women and others to men and several are "unisex". They are a great way to warm up a Canadian winter and bring a smile to most people's faces!

In the photo with the three handsome men: The chocolate brown hat on the left has coyote ear flaps. The grey Bolshevik hat has wolf trim. The red hat on the right has wolf trim on the flap which reveals black wool when it's worn down.


A friend from Alberta asked me to make her a vest, and so NEW in fall 2016 were vests! The unisex vest at the left is made from 100% wool in a Native pattern. The lapels are beaver, dyed black.

Collars, Mufflers, and Muffs

Fur choker type collars with long tails that hang down the front are also available in several types of fur such as raccoon, red fox, or arctic fox. Such a collar in Red Fox is shown at the right.

Wool mufflers are available with rows of braid and fur trim. These add warmth in the winter but can really dress up a cloth coat.

Fur muffs were very common in the past. Rabbit fur muffs, lined with wool fleece are still a big hit with young women.

Tie Slides

Western Trapper Tie Slides of leather and fur are shown on both silk Apache style ties and on cotton/silk bandanas. I designed these slides which utilize a wide variety of fur, in place of the more typical metal slides. They make great gifts!

Larger scarf slides to complement larger scarves are also available. Here a fox print scarf has a red fox slide.

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