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The V Litter, Born Dec. 23, 2007

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The V pups

All 8 pups in the V litter have found great hunting homes! Fall of 2008 is their first hunting season. Sora began it by hunting ptarmigan in northern B.C. with her daugther Vista and her owner Bill Oestrich, his wife Devlin and daughter Caymen.

Four V pups entered the Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (HAE) offered by the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (VHDF), as follows.

  • Sunnynook's Veery 57/77
  • Sunnynook's Viekoda 57/77
  • Sunnynook's Vanya 61/77
  • Sunnynook's Viola 51/77

    Veery remained at Sunnynook. Here she is pointing a pheasant wing on a string, at 11 weeks.

    Vole, a male, is pointing a wing with considerable intensity at 11 weeks of age. He's going to hunt in British Columbia too!

    At 8 weeks Vista was the first to leave for her new home. She fits right into the wintry weather in northern British Columbia.

    At 10 weeks Vesper was just able to fit into the carrying case for the plane ride home but soon fell aspleep and travelled well. He was happy to meet Tony and the rest of his new family when he arrived.

    Although most of our Sunnynook pups are placed preferentially near home in western Canada or the northwestern U.S., some owners and pups travelled great distances.

    Sunnynook's Victor "Turk" travelled in relay by road, with Rick Hallwyler from Saskatoon to Portland, Oregon, and from there with his new owners to southern California. Being a winter pup, Victor had never seen water large enough to swim in, only to wade in, in the form of snow.

    Rick reported: Victor, a.k.a. Turk has just left with his new owner Mike. They seemed very pleased with their new pup, and after chatting with Mike for a while, I think Turk will be pleased with his new owners. Yesterday Sheri took the 3 dogs down to our pond and was throwing some bumpers for the 2 adult dogs. Victor was watching the big girls do water retrieves and decided that it looked like fun. He SWAM! all the way across our pond about 15 meters! What a precocious pup!"

    This was a n.w. Oregon pond in March and a 12-week-old pup.

    Where are the pups? Veery - a female, will be staying here is not shown, Vanya - a male, and Viola, a female found homes in Saskatoon, Viekoda - a male, has gone to Alaska, Vista - a female, has gone to northern British Columbia, Vesper & Vole - males, have gone to southern British Columbia, Victor - a male, has gone to California.

    Sunnynook's Sora, the current Sunnynook Dam

    Sora received 110/112 points in the Natural Ability test of North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA), and a Prize I. She ran in the Pudelpointer Club of North America's Breed Improvement Test and received 120/144 points. In September 2008 Sora earned a Prize III, with 184 points in the NAVHDA Utility test and 166 points "Good" in VHDF's Performance Evaulation. She is HD-free with hips rated good. Sora was born in 2004. The V litter was her first litter.

    The litter Sora comes from had 8 of 9 pups tested and all passed, six with Prize I. Her parents are Grackle Ciperro and Sunnynook's Macaw, both NAVHDA Utility tested.

    Sora has been DNA tested for Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia and brown, and carries neither.

    Snowy Oaks Fen received 97/112 points in NAVHDA NA, Prize II. He also received 66/77 points in the Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (HAE) of the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (VHDF). His hips were rated good to excellent at 18 months. Fen was born in 2006 and this will be the first litter he has sired. In this pictrure, Fen is working a family of sharptailed grouse, his tail is still flagging - bent over - before he finally locked on point.

    Fen's parents are Snowy Oaks Xena and Snowy Oaks Scout. He is owned and hunted by Rainer Knopff of Calgary, Alberta.

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