Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (VHDF) in Saskatchewan

2022 Test: September 10, 2022, Alvena, Saskatchewan

This webpage was mounted on August 28, 2007 and last updated on August 11, 2022 by Sheila Schmutz

The test in 2022 is again officially sponsored by the Saskatoon Gun Dog Club but will be under the auspices of VHDF-Canada.

Because of new import regulations by the province of Saskatchewan that require testing for Avian Influenza virus, the cost of importing gamebirds is prohibitive (testing fee $1,000+). A shortage of local pheasants available means the test will be one day, September 10 (that day is full with 4 AHAE & 1 PE). Entries closed on August 1 and were restricted to current members of the Saskatoon Gundog Club.

Fall VHDF Test Details

Tests Offered

Field Tests

  • Advanced Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (AHAE), $150
  • Performance Evaluation (PE), $150

Summaries of the tests are available as downloads on the VHDF-Canada webpage. The age limit for the HAE puppy test is 18 months and it is suggested that the minimum age is about 5 months. There is no age limit for either the AHAE or PE tests.

Tracy Fisher and her LM pup Muddy Water's Dora in the 2016 HAE test. Behind, left to right: Al McKim, Field Marshal; Judges: Lawrence Pellerin, Vance Lester, Craig Wilson.

Proposed agenda for this VHDF Test at Alvena, under "relaxed" Covid-19 guidelines.


The test site is 2.5 km (1.5 mi) N and 1.5 km (1 mi) E of Alvena, Saskatchewan; or 60 km (40 mi) NE of Saskatoon, along Highway 41.

The abandoned farm site includes an outhouse and some shade from trees, and a metal roofed shelter, which can be tarped on the sides if weather is rainy, windy, or cold. There is a firepit.

A Co-op store with many items and snacks is open on Friday & Saturday from 9 to 6, but not on Sunday. Bring lawn chairs and other items for your comfort.

People are welcome to camp at the site, but please let us know in advance so we can suggest spots best for RV or tent camping. (no plug-ins or running water)

Nearby Accomodation

There are no motels or restaurants in the town of Alvena. There are motels about 20 km away in Wakaw and Cudworth. The motel in Wakaw allows dogs in rooms, but the motel in Cudworth does not.

If you choose to stay in Saskatoon, we recommend the Heritage Inn for accomodation. It is dog friendly and near the north edge of the city and the airport. It is a "middle class" hotel with an attached cafe.

If you are travelling with a RV, there are a few options for RV campgrounds with plug-ins in Wakaw.


Visitors are welcome to watch from designated spots. Two spectators may walk in the field, with the permission of the handler and judge. The group in the field already includes 3 judges, 1-2 gunners, and often an official photographer.


VHDF-Canada test scores from 2007 to June 2022 are available as a downloadable pdf file. Most, but not all were held in Alvena, SK.

Note that VHDF has not set passing scores for any level of testing but leaves this to individual breed clubs. Versatile dogs of any breed are welcome in this test.

Many of the dogs entered are often LMs, and HAE and AHAE are necessary for a dog to be an "eligible to breed". Therefore a passing score has been determined for both of these tests. See the page on the LMAC website that explains this in detail.

For more information on field test rules visit Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (US)

For more information on Versatile Hunting Dog Federation - Canada

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