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This webpage was mounted on September 6, 2015 and last updated on January 24, 2020 by Sheila Schmutz

Introduction. A professional and capable judging core is integral to VHDF-Canadaís operation. The two types of judges, Field- and Blood-Tracking Judges, enable VHDF-Canada to serve hunters through game conservation and ethical hunting practices. VHDF-Canada does so by providing a practice-based dog testing system for dogs in field and water on the one hand and blood tracking of big game on the other. Hunters are able to prepare their dog in advance of the hunting season and have their training success evaluated by experienced judges. Dog breeders are served by the opportunity to have their chosen dams and sires evaluated for heritable ability and response to training in a system of hunting-dog tests similar to those in use since the creation of versatile hunting breeds in Europe over a century ago.

Judges volunteer their time, but expenses incurred to travel to judge at tests away from their home "club" are paid for by the club hosting that test.

The field judges approved as of Januarya 2020 are listed below. (Lead) indicates that the person can serve as a Lead Judge in a team of three judges.

  • Vance Lester, Purdue, SK. (Lead)
  • Lawrence Pellerin, Saskatoon, SK
  • Oksana Moshynksa, Saskatoon, SK 306-373-4484
  • Derek Oderkirk, Viscount, SK 306-202-7427
  • Byron Pugh, Port Alberni, BC (Lead)
  • Joe Schmutz, Saskatoon, SK. 306-382-8964 (Lead)
  • Rick Schryer, Saskatoon, SK 306-230-3019
  • Todd Shury, Saskatoon, SK 306-242-0156
  • Craig Wilson, Saskatoon, SK 306-716-0640

Note all judges approved by VHDF in the United States are also approved to judge VHDF-Canada Field Tests.

Blood Tracking Judges will undergo a separate approval process, still under development. As of June 1, 2015 these judges include: Brent Grabowski, Saskatoon; Matt Walpole, Saskatoon; Joe Schmutz, Saskatoon.

Craig Wilson, Oksana Moshynska, Todd Shury, Derek Oderkirk, Tyler McKay, Les Piecowye. Seated: Lawrence Pellerin & Rick Schryer.

The five apprentice judges shown in the photo have read the required material, attended a 6-hr workshop, answered a 72-question exam and attended a 2-hr exam review in March 2019. They are well on their way to becoming "VHDF-Canada judging professionals". Three approved judges assisted with judge education in the workshop, also shown in the photo.

Key characteristics of professionalism include:

The apprentice judges have learned the differences between:

VHDF-Canada judges rely on three pillars for their work.

Requirements for becoming a VHDF-Canada Field Judge

How to apply to become a Field Judge

The Field Judge Application Form is available for download.

Canadian judges are expected to maintain their membership in VHDF-Canada, and U.S. judges their membership in VHDF in the United States.

Background Reading

The following is a list of background reading that judges are expected to be familiar with.

For more information on the U.S. VHDF, visit Versatile Hunting Dog Federation

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