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The U Litter, January 3, 2007

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The "U" litter at the Sunnynook Kennel, was born January 3, 2007.. Ten healthy pups were born between 6 PM and 2 AM. There are 2 females and 8 males.

We are so pleased with this litter that we plan to repeat this mating in 2009. See comments from some of the U pup owners on the Pups Afield page.

Pika and Aron received a Breeder's award for this litter. Four U pups entered and passed the Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (HAE) offered by the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (VHDF), as follows.

  • Sunnynook's Ulna, HAE 65 “Very good,” AHAE 154 “Very good”
  • Sunnynook's Uno, HAE 63 “Very good,” AHAE 177 “Very good”
  • Sunnynook's Ursus, HAE 58 “Good”
  • Sunnynook's Ullr, HAE 57 “Good”

    Sunnynook's Urchin ran in NAVHDA's Natural Ability test, but it was not his day (63 points, no pass).

    As is typical, all pups are born with no ticking or roan. However pink pads are usually a predictor that the pups will be plated, with minimal ticks and no roan. Pups with black pads typically develop ticks and/or roaning. Both types are in this bunch!

    Sacked out....... everywhere

    The growth curves above are based on weekly weights. The pups change in the rate of growth coincides with the time they began to receive solid food, in addition to nursing.

    Puppy Names

    All pups left for their new homes except Ulna who is staying here. Read more about some of their later exploits.

    Sunnynook's Pika, the current Sunnynook Dam

    Pika received 106 points in Natural Ability and a Prize II. She received 169 points in Utility and a Prize III. Her hips were rated excellent. She has a very pleasant personality around the house but a keen hunter in the field. Pika will turn 5 in December. She has had one litter of 3 pups in April, 2006 - the T litter. Trax has already run and passed Natural Ability but Towhee who lives here and Tessa who lives with the Staleys in Utah are waiting for spring to run.

    Based on the recently discovered DNA test for Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia, Pika was diagnosed as a carrier. Therefore, we have selected a sire only among those dogs tested free of this disorder. All pups in this litter will be tested prior to delivery to their owners so that they know who is a carrier and who is not.

    Although Pika's dam Grackle carried brown, Pika did not inherit this according to DNA testing and so can not pass this on.

    The sire chosen for this litter was Aron von Grinzing.

    Aron now lives at Snowy Oaks Kennel in Minnesota with Curt and Romy Shreve, although he was born in Austria. He earned 68 of 84 points in the VJP test, 193 of 216 points in the HZP, and 278 of 324 points (Prize II) in the VGP in Germany. His hips were rated A in Berlin. Since coming to America he has sired the F2 litter at the Snowy Oaks Kennel and the A litter at the Thunderidge Kennel. He (right) is shown with Pika (left) during a break in their recent hunting trip to North Dakota.

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