Stark Families & Genealogy

brief highlights pertaining to Stark Family genealogy and the publicly posted DNA results from the Stark Y DNA project at FTDNA

Mounted December 15, 2019 by Sheila (nee Stark) Schmutz This is a private webpage that has no "official" connection to FTDNA or the Stark Surname Project there or at any other such company. However, Sheila is one of the co-administrators of that project. Please address corrections and additions to her.

The official website shows all the Y-DNA results for members of the Stark Y DNA Project at FTDNA.

Lineage charts showing the approximately 100 men who have been Y DNA tested by FTDNA and shared their genealogy are available on another website. The descendants of Aaron Stark have grown so numerous they are shown on a separate webpage.

Aaron Stark Family Geneaology

For many years, information about these members was maintained by Clovis LaFleur. However, in fall 2017 RootsWeb was taken down by Ancestry and the files relevant to this project he had there have not been restored. By December 2019, some gedcom files have been restored on Rootsweb but sadly some of the wonderful notes and verification associated with these files have been removed by Ancestry.

Gwen Boyer Bjorkman is another Stark researcher who has helped many people find their Stark family over the years and has done wonderful genealogy which she had shared on Rootsweb. Gwen's gedcom (145734) about the Aaron Stark family can be accessed again, but is missing the notes now.

Clovis La Fleur has done extensive genealogy on the Aaron Stark family and it is available as the "The Aaron Stark Family Chronicles."

The FTDNA Stark project has revealed 4 large Stark families with immigrants in North America so far.

There are also some smaller Stark families, based on the participants of the Y DNA project. In addition, there are many men named Stark who do not yet connect by DNA to any of these families.

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