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Saskatoon Sewing, especially Fashion or Garment Sewing

This webpage was born out my personal interest in sewing, fabric and fashion. Although quilting is very popular across the province and many sewists focus on quilting, this webpage will instead focus on garment sewing.

mounted 9 April 2019, last updated 4 May 2020 by Sheila Schmutz, Saskatoon.

Covid-19 is the main event of early 2020 and during March, many things changed for most people. Please do not consider the list below to be accurate or complete, but it's an attempt.

For many of us, we are abiding by the "stay at home" advice given to the nation. Since many sewists hoarde, or should we say "store" fabric, this could be a time to sew more!

In early April the Saskatchewan Health Department stated that all masks, gowns, etc. worn in health care facilities are regulated. They must meet specific health standards, including sterilization and individual packaging, and health care workers may not bring them into such facilities. However, scrub caps are not included in this regulation. Many people in health care facilities would now prefer to wear one, but they are not always avaialable. Saskatoon Scrub Cap Pattern and Instructions is a downloadable pdf file that describes how to make a unisex version of such a cap that covers the ears.

On April 6, Canada's chief medical officer, Dr. Tan, changed her stance and suggested that people could benefit from wearing a homemade cloth mask in grocery stores and pharmacies.

If you would like to participate in making masks as donations, follow Canada Sews - Saskatchewan on Facebook. There is much discussion there about styles, patterns, etc. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) in the U.S. has posted a webpage describing 3 types of masks you can make at home, for personal use.

Fabric Stores with Fashion Fabric

Note there are also stores that specialize in quilt cottons, which of course can be used for garment sewing too.

2020 Events

If you know of additional events, please email me and I'll add it to this website.

Fashion Sewing Clubs or Associations in Saskatoon

Sadly, I know of none for sewists at the present time. But, I wish there was a "Garment Guild". If you are interested in joining a group that would meet monthly to show each other their latest project or finished garment or to discuss a new technique, please email me at I would not attempt to find a place to actually sew, but simply to meet for an hour or two on a weekday evening or weekend afternoon, once a month.

Internet Blogs, Newsletters, & Facebook Groups of Interest

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This webpage began as one in a series from Wear Our Heritage.