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This webpage was last updated on March 23, 2019

The C Litter

Balsam and pups on Sunday, Feb 28

The Prairie Sky "C" litter was born on Saturday, February 22, 2019. Sunnynook' Balsam is a very busy Mom feeding 11 pups - 5 females and 6 males. The sire is Sunnynook's Cue "Q". Although they are from the same kennel, they are not closely related. Please see the pedigree for this litter at the bottoom of this page.

All pups are spoken for.

The C litter pups continue to gain weight, as shown on the graph below. The pups have all more than tripled in weight and Balsam seems to be maintaining her condition well.

As of March 8, the eyes are starting to open and also the ear canals.

If you look really hard, under that pile of pups, Balsam is calmly there nursing them! She incredibly calm, even with that many to take care of. Her coat is shiny and she looks to be in great shape. This is because Lynn & Rhonda are taking such good care of her. Joe Schmutz is on the left, enjoying his visit. Rhonda is on the right.

At 4 weeks, the pups are now lapping up milk with a small amount of chicken in it from low dishes, in addition to nursing. Then they just crash and take a nap, spread out all over their area.

The Parents

Sunnynook's Balsam, dam of the Prairie Sky C Litter

Sunnynook's Balsam was born on August 6, 2014. She was radiographed at 3.5 years and her hips were rated good and elbows normal. Balsam earned a score of 62 HAE - Very Good, in the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation testing system.

Working: Balsam is very energetic with a high level of desire to hunt. We have not done much gun hunting with her as she is hunted, along with our two older dogs, with a falcon both on ducks and upland birds. Compared to the other five LMs we have had, she is the fastest and largest running dog we have experienced and she wants to be in the lead, both in the field and at home. As a young dog she showed her confidence and independence leading to a bit of a problem when she would run off for a while chasing rabbits when let out of the house. She has outgrown that and is now very good on the recall and cooperative hunting with us. She has a very good nose and by one year of age was finding more birds than our other two dogs. Her pointing and steadiness has continuously improved but she still chases hard when birds get up. We have not discouraged this since it is helpful when hunting with the falcons. Balsam's eyesight is very good. As a youngster, she would catch sight of high flying birds and chase them incessantly - another trait she has thankfully outgrown. Balsam tracks well and gives tongue on live game. She has a strong desire to retrieve and carry and she proudly carries ducks back to the car that the falcon has killed. She pays attention to the other dogs when they are acting gamey and naturally backs. She is very intelligent with a strong desire to please which we find helpful when trying to locate lost boots and slippers. Balsam loves the water and is a strong swimmer. Her frisbee is a favourite toy and she is amazingly fast and agile jumping up to take it out of the air. She is a bit of a talker and doesn't hesitate to let you know of her needs. All in all, she is a happy, enthusiastic and fun-loving dog. We are very pleased with her development as a hunting partner.

Training: We have found Balsam to be very easy to train and a fast learner. She knows and respects most field commands we use including "Come", "Heel", "Stay" and "Flush". She holds points indefinitely when reinforced by the "Stay" command. With respect to retrieving, her natural ability has been more than sufficient and we have not undertaken any specific "training" other than to associate the command "Fetch" with any situation requiring finding dead or wounded game, etc.

Confromation: Balsam is toward the small end of the breed standard for females. She has a light frame and, at the time of breeding she weighed 50 lbs. Her LMAC Conformation evaluation results are Body: Very Good; Coat: Very Good. Balsam does not carry brown coat colour nor Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia because neither of her parents did.

Sunnynook's Cue "Q", sire of the Prairie Sky C Litter

Sunnynook's Cue "Q" was born on March 2, 2015. He lives with the Schryer family in Saskatoon. Q was radiographed at 18 months and his hips were rated excellent and his elbows normal. He obtained a score of Good in HAE (56), Very Good in AHAE (176), and Very Good in PE (199) in the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation testing system. He does not carry brown coat color or Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia based on DNA testing of his parents.

At just over 1.5 years, Q’s medium frame weighed 61 lbs, and tended to be somewhat longer than tall. Q was awarded the "Good" category for body form and "Very Good" for coat in his conformation assessment.

Q has seen as much waterfowl hunting already as many LMs see in a lifetime. Besides ducks and geese, Q has hunted pheasant, Gray Partridge, and Ruffed and Sharp-tailed grouse.

Q learned to hunt primarily on wild birds, tagging along with LMs Bones, “Scotty” and Picard as a pup. He learned to love water and ducks on many long walks in the country. His steadiness training was on pigeons. He is a capable and biddable hunter having accepted training without the need of an E-collar or ear pinch. Although an e-collar was needed to curb his passion for chasing coyotes.

The C Litter Pedigree

The pedigree for the Prairie Sky C Litter, born February 22, 2019.

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