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The Prairie Sky "B" litter was born on April 18, 2007 to Sunnynook's Opal and Benjamin od Pisecneho rybnika. There were 3 males and one female (bottom pup).

Two and one-half weeks old. We've walked and crashed. Now we've decided sitting is safest - for the moment!

After running around getting their feet cold, the 3 weeks old pups decided Rhonda's lap in the sun was much nicer.

The Prairie Sky "A" litter was born on Friday, March 4th, 2005. Opal gave birth to 11 pups: 7 females and 4 males.

Aloe stayed at Prairie Sky Kennel. She is a sweet and gentle house dog and gets along well with the other dogs and the cats. She is very energetic in the field with a strong and enthusiastic hunting drive, but at the same time, cooperative with her handler. Aloe ran her NAVHDA Natural Ability test in June, 2006 with a score of 104/112. She had a long and enthusiastic hunting season with the falcons. We are pleased.

Sunnynook's Opal was the dam of the A & B litter at the Prairie Sky Kennel Opal is an energetic, fast, fairly large running dog with an easy gait. She has a dense, wavy, soft coat and is lean with a light but muscular build (about 55 pounds). She is a good retriever both on land and from water. She has an intense, stylish point on wild game. She is a happy, affectionate and cooperative dog both in the field and in the house. She is in excellent health and her hips are rated excellent. She received a Prize I (106 pts.) in Natural Ability and 154 pts. in Utility. Both her parents were German imports (see below).

Benjamin od Pisecneho rybnika is a Czech import, now living in LaCombe, Alberta with Coleen and Zdenek Mares. Ben is a good-looking male with a muscular build (about 63 pounds) and a dense soft coat. He has a medium range in the field (100-150m) and good pointing style. He is an excellent water dog, enthusiastically retrieving from ice cold water. He is in excellent health and his hips are rated good. Ben earned 93 points (III) in the Natural Ability test and has sired two previous litters of fine hunting dogs.

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