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  • mounted January 2, 2019 and last updated March 27, 2021 by Sheila Schmutz, Saskatoon. sheilamschmutz@gmail.com

    Online Shopping and Mail Ordering

    To order please select from the items shown on this page and pay via Paypal. Please email me with your choice of item and your mailing address, if the item is available in different colors or furs. There is only ONE of each of the items shown in stock. The price shown includes shipping within Canada and taxes.

    Shawls, Scarves, Ponchos, Vests

    A good gift item is a shawl or scarf. The scarf at the left is a polyester print with foxes on it and there is red fox trim on the lower edges. 46 X 190 cm $85

    This embroidered silk scarf can be worn for three seasons. It is trimmed with raccoon. 10 X 130 cm. $65

    This lightweight poncho flows, enhanced by the staggered hemline. The boat neckline has a detachable band of silver fox fur. $140

    This loose-fitting, hip-length wool vest is fully lined. The arctic fox collar is detachable. Great to take the chill off on spring mornings and evenings. Hand wash, hang dry, with the collar removed. Size 12-14 $150


    Muffs are a warm alternative to a purse. In Covid times, we are out walking in the winter more often. These muffs are lined with natural wool double-sided pile to keep your hands toasty. They have a top pocket for your phone, keys, and credit card.

    The muff on the right is coyote leg fur. $100.

    The muff on the right is black wool, trimmed with luxurious badger fur. $85

    Cowl Hoods

    These two cowl/hoods display the way they could be worn - as a hood, or cowl. They make great gifts for any woman, because they are "sizeless".

    These cowl hoods are very versatile pack easily, or squish into a pocket. The far left is brown wool paisley knit with raccoon trim, the second from the right is 70% rayon/30% nylon knit in black and white paisley with arctic fox trim, the third from the right, is a wool blend knit, with sequins on one side and wolf fur trim, the far right is a wool blend knit with a cotton knit lining and raccoon trim.

    Please be sure to email Sheila which cowl hood you'd like shipped!

    Fur Ruffs for Hoods

    Nothing adds warmth to a parka against wind and cold like a natural fur ruff. The ruff deflects the wind away from your face. Natural fur retains this ability for an entire season and can easily be renewed using a dog brush or metal bristle hair brush, for next year.

    The ruff at the left is wild red fox tails, with slight shading differences on each side. The ruff on the right is coyote tails. Both have snap tape inserted. You hand sew one side of the snap tape to your hood. This allows for easy removal when you want to wash or dry clean your parka. Snap tape 28", 32" tip to tip. $90 including tax and shipping in Canada.

    Please add a note about which one you'd prefer.


    Earmuffs easily slip into your pocket inside but add cosy warmth to your ears outside! These earmuffs have luxurious sheared beaver fur on the inside, visible on the arctic fox pair on the left. The glass head is wearing raccoon earmuffs and the pair laying on the right is silver fox. $65 including tax and shipping.


    Wear Our Heritage hats are typically made with fabric that is 80% wool, in a coating weight. The lining is "kasha", a cotton flannel backed satin. As always, the fur is wild Canadian fur, garment tanned in Canada.

    A few hats are available in Extra Small and Extra Large. Please email her if either size is what you need. All those shown below are Small, Medium or Large.

    The hats above are classic 6 point hats in size small. The red hat has a raccoon brim, the camel hat coyote, and the black hata silver fox. $140, tax and shipping included.

    The hats above are classic 6 point hats in size medium. The black & white tweed hat has an arctic fox brim, the camel hat has coyote, the mustard has cross fox, and the taupe brown hat has raccoon. $140, tax and shipping included.

    The hats above are classic 6 point hats in size large. The camel hat has a red fox brim, the blue hat has coyote, the red has raccoon, and the black hat has silver fox. $140, tax and shipping included.

    Please add a note of the size and color that you'd like.

    Pendleton wool is used to make some hats. Three are shown above. The cream and taupe hat at the left is trimmed with raccoon (Red), the cream and orange hat in the middle is trimmed with red fox (Medium), and the bright blue hat on the right is trimmed with arctic fox (Large) $140, tax and shipping included.

    Please add a note about which of these hats you chose!

    These hats have a giant fur bobble or pom-pom, that snaps on and off. The inspiration was a two-tone soft ice cream cone with alternataing swirling pieces of a solid color wool fabric and a tweed one. They are lined with "kasha", cotton flannel backed satin. $95, tax and shipping included.

    Please add a note about the size and color combination you'd like!

    These hats are similar to hoods, with the fur surrounding your face. This deflects wind and cold air movement near you face to keep in warm on especially cold days! Some come with two different lengths of chin straps, so that they fit a wide range of sizes, including girls and women. $150, including tax and shipping.

    Please add a note about color you'd like!

    The three hats above can be worn with the fur flaps tied up, as shown, or let down over the ears and tied under the chin. The black hat has badgerflaps, 24" Large; the cocoa brown hat has beaver flaps, 23" Medium; the gray hat has silver fox flaps 23.5" Medium. The price is $105, shipped within Canada.

    The hat shown above is made of camel wool coating (80% wool, 20% other) and lined with Kasha, which is cotton backed satin. The fur trim is coyote. The various views show that the ear flaps can be worn up or down. The price is $175, shipped within Canada.

    This hat is a very Canadian toque. It's made with beaver fur. In this case, dyed black beaver. It is lined with gray silk and therefore all the materials are natural and fully biodegradable. The inner circumference is 24.5", size Large. $175

    The majority of hats from Wear Our Heritage are approximately sized as Small, Medium, or Large based on interior circumference. A few are extra small or extra large, but these will not be shown - email to inquire. So it would be useful to measure your head rather than rely on what you believe your hat size might be. You could use a tape measure to measure your head where you want the lower edge of your hat to sit. Or you could use a string or piece of yarn as shown in yellow and then measure that with a ruler. Then compare your measurement to the size chart below to choose which size to order.

    Size Head Circumference Range (inches)
    Extra Small 19.5 - 20.5
    Small 21.5 - 22.5
    Medium 23 - 23.5
    Large 24 - 24.5
    Extra Large 25

    Fur and Fibre Content

    Wear Our Heritage apparel and accessories are all hand made by Sheila Schmutz, who lives outside Saskatoon. She uses natural fur from wild Canadian species in support of northern peoples who still depend on fur as a major source of income. The fur is professionally tanned to garment level so that the drape is suitable for collars and hat trim - an important consideration around the face. Whenever possible, the fur is purchased through a special program for Indigenous youth trappers through International Fur Dressers and Dyers in Winnipeg.

    Each item is individually made and alternate sizes or colors are rarely available. Each fur has different coloration depending on the habitat, diet and age of the animal. Custom orders are therefore not taken.

    I try to source a variety of high wool content fabrics, usually 80% or more wool. Because very little, if any, wool fabric is made in Canada, these are often made abroad. However, I purchase all my fabric from Canadian distributors. Most hats are lined with "kasha" which is a cotton flannel backed satin. Occasionally silk is used for lining. Each item comes with a detailed hangtag that provides fibre content, fur and care instructions.


    Shipping within Canada by Canada Post is included with purchase at no extra charge. If you are buying this as a gift, please email sheilamschmutz@gmail.com and I will include your message and mail it directly to the recipient, if you prefer. Each item is sent as an expedited parcel, with a tracking number that you will be sent by email.

    There are trade restrictions imposed by some countries in regard to some types of fur and that is why shipping is only within Canada, at this time.

    Return Policy

    Return by Canada Post at purchaser's expense within 2 weeks of receipt for full refund via PayPal. Please email sheilamschmutz@gmail.com in advance, however.

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