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The Sunnynook D2 litter was born on Friday night, March 20. All are spoken for. The parents are Sunnynook's Zenaida "Zeni" and Muddy Waters' Buteo.

Buteo sired the Sunnynook X and Y litters. This is Zeni's first litter.

The pedigree of this litter is shown near the bottom of this page.

The four D2 pups opened their eyes about April 9, but were still spending most of their time sleeping (as above) or eating for the next few days. By April 19's Sunday afternoon puppy visit, they were starting to act like little dogs! Male 1 is pawing at Chicken, with male 2 heading away from that deal! Note that the D2 pups are as big as the C2, even though they are 2 1/2 weeks younger.

Exploring holes dug by the older dogs was the main event on April 19. The plated female is shown here in the long deep hole.

The ticked female with the "dot" on her back is shown here ready to pounce into action!

The weight graph above shows that Zeni was not feeling herself for a few days about 2 weeks after she had the litter.

The pups from this litter are now chosen. Our female will be named Dryas, and Val & Curt's female will be named Dizzy. Norm's male (#4) will be named Danny, and Al's male (#1) will be named Daze "Early".

Sunnynook's Zenaida "Zeni", the Dam

The photo above shows Zeni with a pheasant: pointed, tracked, and retrieved in November 2014

Zeni was born on February 8, 2013 at Sunnynook. She is the daughter of Sunnynook's Veery and SaskElkana's Bones. See more about her siblings from this litter on the Sunnynook Z Litter page.

Zeni's xrays were rated Excellent and elbows Normal. She obtained a score of Very Good in HAE (68) and Very Good in AHAE (159) in the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation testing system, before this litter and a 186 (Very Good) in PE in the fall after this litter was born. Detailed scores below. Zeni's conformation was rated Excellent in body and Very Good in coat. Zeni has an extra upper premolar 1. Neither of Zeni's parents were carriers of brown coat color or Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia, so she can't be either.

Detailed scores for Zenaida and Buteo are shown below. See another webpage for more information about these tests.

Zeni did well in all categories of the HAE test. At this early age what the judges see is raw natural ability. One can't speak of training at this age, that is the beauty of this test if run early, as it should be. Zeni was at the edge of exuberance, shifting from keen hunting to staunch pointing in the nick of time. On the pheasant track, careful and calm handling at the start got her to focus on the sparse foot-scent left by a released pheasant. She worked every turn of scent. Some 100 m down the trail, when the pheasant saw the dog approach down the track, the pheasant was able to lift off and fly out of sight, perfect!

Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (HAE) Scores

Name Search Pointing Tracking Water Nose Desire Cooperation Total
Zenaida 9 9 10 10 10 10 10 68
Buteo 8 10 9 10 10 9 10 66

Advanced Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (AHAE) Scores

Name Search Pointing Duck Search Nose Desire Cooperation Steadiness Retrieve Shot Bird Marked Water Retrieve Blind Water Entry Game Drag Obedience Total
Zenaida 9 9 10 10 10 7 7 9 9 9 9 6 159
Buteo 10 10 9 10 10 9 10 8 9 10 9 9 171

PE Scores

Name Water Search Search Behind Duck Field Search Pointing Backing Nose Desire Cooperation Blind Water Retrieve Steadiness Retrieve Shot Bird Drag Obedience Total
Zenaida 8 9 10 10 9 10 8 9 3 10 8 10 9 186
Buteo 7 9 10 10 10 10 8 9 6 9 8 10 8 187

Muddy Waters Buteo, the sire of the Sunnynook D2 Litter

Muddy Waters Buteo was born in Oregon at the Muddy Waters Kennel of Sheri and Rick Hallwyler on May 14, 2008 to Muddy Waters' Athene "Buffy". He then came to live at Sunnynook, with his sire, the late Sunnynook's Macaw. He is shown pointing a Mearns Quail on a hunt in Arizona.

Buteo was radiographed at 19 months and his hips were rated Excellent. He obtained a score of Very Good in HAE (66) and Very Good in AHAE (171), and Very Good in PE (187 pts) in the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation testing system, detailed scores above. He has been DNA tested and does not carry brown coat color or Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia.

Buteo is shown at the right, cautious on a flock of Mearns still hidden in the grass in Arizona. Below: Buteo, on a late season Saskatchewan duck hunt.

Zeni and Buteo as a Pair

Our breeding strategy has been to first ensure that dam and sire are fully qualified in field, health, conformation and temperament. Over and above that, we select from available mates to keep the inbreeding coefficient low and complementarity high.

Zeni and Buteo complement each other in two important ways. While Zeni can be in "overdrive" at times, Buteo is one of the most balanced hunters we've owned. His bird handling is exceptional, making him comfortable and special to hunt with.

Zeni and Buteo also complement each other in size, with Zeni in the upper half of the female size range and Buteo in the lower half for males. Buteo's coat tends to be wavy or even curly where Zeni's coat lies close to her body, comprised of rather stiff and protective hair.

This is the pedigree of the Sunnynook D2 litter.

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